Hello and welcome to Funancial SMART! stuff
Funancial SMART is an easy to use cloud-based business tool that helps SME business owners and managers make well-timed financial decisions. Data is automatically imported on a daily basis and presented in a format that is easy to analyse delivering: 

Funancial SMART connects directly to your accounting package to process and understand the data contained. Through the application of proprietary algorithms, Funancial SMART unlocks the financial intelligence encoded within your accounting data enabling you to make effective decisions which materially impact the financial health, cash flow and sustainability of your business.

Without Funancial SMART, business leaders often wait for at least 30 days to receive complex financial reports. This delay in both receiving results analysis, as well as the complexity of the reports themselves unnecessarily put your business at risk!. There is a better way!  

With Funancial SMART, your accounting data is automatically processed on a daily basis equipping you with the power to manage the profitability and sustainability of your business daily! All you need to make sure is that your bookkeeper is entering your financial transactions periodically and in a dependable manner. 

Important notes

*Disclaimer (the stuff that we are obliged to warn you about - sorry): 
The presentation of any financial data or interpretation together with any suggestions are based on practical experience and should be used as a guideline only. Nothing beats the company owner's/leader's understanding of the business when it comes to making decisions so please note that our objective is simply to make it easier to sift through complex financial data and present pointers that may assist with the decision-making process. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If your bookkeeper does not update your accounting package on a daily or weekly basis, Funancial SMART's usefulness will be severely limited!. If you need us to, we can help with bookkeeping. Just reach out to us via our Help Centre.