Getting familiar

Funancial SMART uses a streamlined configuration and UI element set to present the financial intelligence it extracts from a connected company.

  • Use the navigation bar on the left to switch from one module to another. The most common modules you will be using are:
  1. Dashboard
  2. Cash Flow
  3. Company Health
  4. Debtors & Creditors Creditors
  5. Spend Analysis
  • You will also notice various big blocks and panels designed to transmit important information to you. Where appropriate we will use the following colour schemes: 
  1. Green - Good news
  2. Amber or Black - Not deterministic - Need more information to determine if good/bad
  3. Red - Not doing too great / Bad news

*Should need support at any part of your Funancial SMART experience please refer to our  Help Centre

Configuration Fundamentals

Funancial SMART works by assigning a purpose to each and every account in your chart of accounts. Each account may be assigned to any of the following categories: 

  • <No purpose / ignore>
  • Cash in bank
  • Loan I owe
  • Operational Expense
  • Income account assigned to a Product line
  • Cost of Sale account assigned to a Product line
  • Payroll Tax
  • Sales Tax
By pairing income & cost-of-sale accounts to a product line, Funancial SMART is able to process and present the information in a way which allows you to manage the profitability of the business both on a company level as well as a product line level. 

*Out of the box, on initial connection, Funancial runs matches each chart-of-accounts account to one of these purposes. Where not determined it is left unassigned. 

*By default, any income/cost-of-sale account is assigned to "Product #1". You can customize and configure additional product lines from Configuration > Company Settings > Products I sell. 

*You can further customize the purpose allocation for the accounts from Configuration > Company Settings > Accounts 

*Should need support at any part of your Funancial SMART experience please refer to our  Help Centre

The most important aspects to master for a maximum experience with Funancial are
  • The allocation of nominal accounts to a Purpose
  • Pairing income/sales accounts and cost-of-sale accounts to a Product Line

*Should need support at any part of your Funancial SMART experience please refer to our  Help Centre

Funancial SMART time-machine

One of the primary use cases Funancial SMART was designed for was to enable you to detect changes between one day and another. This use case is important for you: 
  • as a business owner trying to determine what changed in your accounts between one date and another to identify core impacts to your business
  • as a professional service provider to ensure that the work being done by the bookkeeping team is effective, timely and correct. 
When you first log in, you will be viewing the latest data for the selected company.
ALWAYS take note of the date highlighted in the “Company name AS AT DATE” on the upper right of the UI. If this date is not today’s date, you can select an alternative date from the date selector. 

*Unless deleted by a company disconnection operation by you, Funancial SMART will hold data syncs for the past 60 days. Funancial Ltd. retains the right to change the retention/comparative period depending on its licensing model and/or data retention policy which may be updated from time to time.