Funancial SMART Components

Funancial SMART delivers a platform and range of tools which you can use to analyze the information in your accounting data to make meaningful decisions. 

The main modules of Funancial which you will interact with most frequently are: 


Use this module to understand how you are currently performing compared to the previous three months. Quickly get replies to the following questions: 

  • Where am I in terms of sales?
  • Am I likely to sell enough of my solutions this month?
  • Am I making enough profit on the things I am selling?
  • Should I be concerned with this month's expenses?
  • Is there a potential danger of losing my company this month?
Cash Flow
Use this module to understand how your cash availability is looking for this month and the next. 

Use the in-built "Income Adjustment" and "Expense Adjustment" components of this section to analyze your "What if?" scenarios which enable you to answer questions just as: 

  • If I bring in a new individual will I still have enough money to survive?
  • Can I afford to run the refurbishment exercise I wish to do?
Company Health

Use this module to investigate the detail behind the Income, Operating Expenses, Gross Profit and Net Profit, and overall "ease-of-liquidity" for the selected period. Use the detail panels provided to granularly dive into the detail, compare and make decisions such as

  • Do I need to strengthen or change my sales strategy?
  • Am I making enough money on the solutions I am selling?
  • Do I need to increase my prices?
  • Do I need to negotiate discounts from or change suppliers?
Spend Analysis
Use this module to identify the nature of the expenses affecting the profitability results of your business. Quickly understand the 'normality' of your costs, and when you are incurring them while gaining replies to the following questions:
  • Did any of my expenses change from one month to another? and if yes, what changed?
  • Are my expenses smooth and predictable? or do they jump all over the place in an unexpected manner?
  • What are my top cost changes both in terms of increases and decreases? Are my Cost of Sales increasing in sync with my Total Sales increases or is my supplier costing me more than I can afford?
  • Why are my costs looking so low this month? Have my bookkeepers entered all of the bills received or scheduled for payment?

Out of the box reports with smart insights for: 

  • Debtors - All
  • Debtors - Overdue
  • Cost of Sales Increases
  • Cost of Sales Decreases
  • Operational Expenses Increases
  • Operational Expenses Decreases
  • Creditors - All
  • Creditors - Overdue
  • Top Products Performance


*Funancial SMART interpretation of the data in the accounting package depends on the accuracy, and update frequency of information within the same package.   If your bookkeeper does not update Xero on a daily or weekly basis, the usefulness of Funancial SMART will be severely limited! If you need us to, we can help with bookkeeping so reach out to us via our Help Centre.