Step 1: Sign up for your Funancial SMART Account

In order to use the Funancial SMART capabilities, you will need to sign up for your Funancial SMART account. 

Step 2: Connect your first XERO organization

Once you log in to follow the on-screen instructions to connect Funancial to your first XERO organization. 

Once Funancial completes interpreting the data in your accounting package, you are taken to the Dashboard where you will be able to start experiencing the power of insights which Funancial makes easily available to you. 

Step 3: Orient yourself

Navigate the various modules within Funancial SMART to get a sense of the various financial data points you are presented. 

*Funancial SMART takes an initial stab at interpreting the meaning within your accounting data. We fully expect that some customisation may be needed to our out-of-the-box configuration. You can customise the parameters from  Configuration > Company settings. 

*Out of the box, Funancial SMART assumes you have 1 Product under management. We refer to that as "Product #1".

You can configure additional products together with instructions on which nominal accounts to assign as income/expenditure control for that product within the Configuration > Company settings area. 

Step 4: Use Funancial Daily

Congratulations! you are now equipped with the right tools to grow your financial intelligence. Financial intelligence is most powerful when it is accompanied by a daily habit which develops your state of mind further!

Use Funancial Daily / Weekly as to: 

  • Swiftly identify how frequently your bookkeeper updates your accounting data. If your data is not updated frequent enough, then it will disable you from fully leveraging the power of Funancial SMART and your business potential!
  • Identify a core list of numbers which you need to discuss with your Accountant or Team. 
  • Question the nature of all of your costs and whether they are being properly categorized as Cost-Of-Sale or normal running expenses. 
  • Develop a plan of action & set short term to medium term profitability goals. 
  • Strategically spend money based on your most profitable product lines and/or initiate discussions with any suppliers who may offer you better pricing. 
  • Make decisions on which product lines are worth retaining, and which are worth stopping as they contribute little to your profitability. 
  • Prioritize the actions needed to collect money from the clients who owe you money to prevent cash flow issues. 
  • Keep learning!
  • Repeat!

Step 5: Manage more companies!

You do not need additional or separate Funancial SMART accounts in order to manage additional XERO organisations. You can use your same account to manage the financial health of any of your organisations within XERO.